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Film Workers for Palestine is a call by and for filmmakers and cinema workers to stand for an end to genocide, and for a free Palestine. Beginning with a statement of values, FWP will build spaces and infrastructure for organizing in response to the war on Palestinians and to the censoring of voices that speak out against Israel's genocidal campaign.

Film Workers for Palestine
Statement of Solidarity

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January 16, 2024

As filmmakers and cinema workers, we are told our words and images have power, and that our work can help end injustice. For over 100 days, images of Israel’s genocide in Gaza have flooded our screens, but this has not stopped the continuing atrocities. As human rights lawyer Blinne Ní Ghrálaigh stated at the International Court of Justice, this is "the first genocide in history where its victims are broadcasting their own destruction in real time in the desperate, so far vain hope that the world might do something."In just three-and-a-half months, the Israeli military has injured at least 61,000 people in Gaza and killed more than 24,000 people, at least 9,600 of whom are children, making this one of the deadliest aggressions in the 21st century. Palestinians in Gaza currently have no way to flee the bombs that have destroyed 70% of their homes, and have no access to water, food, fuel and electricity. We are shocked by the deaths of countless journalists, poets, and other artists who have been targeted by airstrikes. We mourn this loss of life, as we mourn the civilians killed on October 7th by Hamas, and those killed by Israeli soldiers and settlers in the West Bank since then.We join a global solidarity movement to demand an immediate ceasefire in the region, an end to the 16-year siege on Gaza, and the release of all hostages and Palestinian prisoners. We echo the calls of Palestinians to address the root causes of this violence by ending the occupation and U.S. military funding to Israel. We reject the double standard that presumes that only the allies of the U.S. have a right to defend themselves.We expect our shared cultural spaces to promote safety for filmmakers, artists and supporters who champion a free Palestine. And yet from Berlin to Los Angeles, our colleagues have been harassed, threatened, doxxed, disciplined, censored and fired for voicing their opposition to a military campaign repeatedly deemed genocidal by human rights experts. We reject German cultural institutions’ ban on workers who have supported the Palestinian right to self-determination, just as we reject the efforts to criminalize pro-Palestinian speech that have reached the halls of the United States Congress. We reject biased reporting by mainstream media that dehumanizes Palestinians, purposefully neglects crucial historical context, and continues to vilify Arab and Muslim communities. We reject the cynical weaponization of charges of anti-semitism that have been used to silence and condemn those calling for an end to genocidal violence and apartheid reality. In spite of this intimidation, we refuse silence, because speaking is the least we can do. We recognize the calls made by the Palestine Film Institute to hold international film festivals accountable, and in this moment of urgency we echo their call for filmmakers to use their platforms during Q&As, talks, and panels to read statements highlighting the Palestinian struggle. In spaces where safety and solidarity are lacking, we will create and ensure it.In our capacity as filmmakers, actors, curators, film critics, and other workers essential to the international film industry, we stand for an end to genocide, apartheid, and repression, and we stand for the liberation of all people. We are aware that one day our community will create and champion films documenting this horrific genocide, yet many stay silent now, while we still have the chance to save lives. Our industry cannot continue with business as usual. We must do more than watch; we must act with conscience and continue to insist that Palestinian lives are equal to all others. We will not be complicit with anyone who acts otherwise.Film Workers for Palestine


*This list of more than 6,000 signatories excludes some Palestinian colleagues who have not signed any petitions for fear of repercussions for them and their families.

Mohanad Yaqubi, Idioms Film
Mike Leigh
Mohammed El-Kurd
Ken Loach
Paul Laverty
Susan Sarandon
James Schamus
Cherien Dabis
Shaka King
Aki Kaurismäki
KOREEDA hirokazu
Ahmed Magdy, Egyptian actor/filmmaker
Mira Nair, Mirabai Films
Susan Norget
Sam Pollard
Larissa Sansour
Brian Eno
Liam Cunningham
Terence Nance
John Cusack
Ja’Tovia Gary
Michele Stephenson
David Teague
Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe
John Greyson, Death Mask
Melissa Barrera
John Early, Stress Positions
Nijla Mumin
Steve Maing, Union
Scott Macaulay
Morgan Spector
Maryam Tafakory
Mars Verrone, Union
Alison Klayman, The Brink, Ai Wei Wei Never Sorry
Shruti Rya Ganguly
Kishori Rajan, Viva Maude
Bassam Tariq
Soren Lind
Marley McDonald, Eno
Ekwa Msangi, Outrageous Pictures
Rachael Rakes
Emma Alpert, Multitude Films
Daniel Larios
Dorota Lech
David Osit
Jot Sahi
Souzan Alavi
Ruun Nuur, No Evil Eye Cinema
Ina Pira
Karim Ahmad, Muslim Futures
Khaula Malik
Sierra Pettengill, Riotsville, USA
Assia Boundaoui, The Feeling of Being Watched
Daniel Chalfen
Colette Ghunim
Brenda Coughlin, Praxis Films
Hollie Fifer, Doc Society
Iva Radivojević
Kat Cizek
Suha Araj
Fawzia Mirza
Hima B.
yasmina price
Yasmina Tawil, Arab Film and Media Institute
ill Weaver, Emergence Media
Yoruba Richen, Promised Land Film
Lisa Valencia-Svensson
Sabrina Schmidt Gordon, Vespertine Films
Alex Mallis
Todd Chandler, Filmmaker
Lina Srivastava, Center for Transformational Change
Shiv Kotecha, Critic
Eric Hynes
darine hotait, Tallahassee
Ruth Somalo, Documentamadrid, DOC NYC
Zandashé Brown
Yoni Golijov
Shirley Bruno
Cecilia Aldarondo, filmmaker
Catherine Gund, Aubin Pictures
Jasmine Abbasov, NEON
Alexandria Jo Bombach
Jeff Reichert
Loira Limbal
Reaa Puri
Leah Giblin
Alexandra Fredricks, Oscilloscope Laboratories
Daniella Shreir, Directors’ Fortnight / Another Gaze
Adrienne Haspel, Al Jazeera English - Fault Lines
Peter Kuplowsky, Toronto International Film Festival
Celine Roustan
Ammar Keshodia
Chandler Phillips, BGDM
Jenny Slattery
Daliaspora, Norwegian film school
Nadia M. Oliva
Olena Decock
Sam Kann, Green Mountain Film School
Jalena Keane-Lee, Breaktide Productions
Alex J. Bledsoe, Breaktide Productions
Mona Eldaief
Aurora Brachman
Alyse Ardell Spiegel
Fatimah Shalash
Amber Espinosa-Jones
Jesse Boylan
Naomi Walker
K. Austin Collins
Kathy Wazana, Rencontres Internationales du Cinéma Palestinien
Brenda Longfellow, Intravene Media Productions
Mike Hoolboom
Zoe McDonald, Screenwriter
Caitlin Ramsay
Nivedita Das
Breanne Thomas
Philip Hoffman
Raymond Knudsen
Donald Borenstein
Shohini Ghosh
Kayla Myers
Jonathan Kennedy
Sarah Al-Qatou
Jay Arthur Sterrenberg
Neo Sora
Susan Coyle
Mac Simonson
Hannah Roodman
Renee Tajima-Peña
Aisha Jamal
Nataleah Hunter-Young
Lucia Pier
Elvie Mae Parian
Charlotte George
Sarah Juma
Dawne Langford, Who Killed Alex Odeh, The Body Politic
Jason Rhee
John King
Arief Budiman, Piring Tirbing
Liane Cunje
Mai Okugawa, Transgender Film Festival (Tokyo, online)
Mason Speta
Guetty Felin
Rajvi Desai
LJ Mukerjee
Yael Bridge
Karolina Peysakhov
Julie F Wyman
Patrick Abboud, Only Human
Sarah Ema Friedland, Lyd and Meerkat Media and MDOCS at Skidmore College
Nupur Agrawal
Jeff S., Meerkat Media
Alaa Belkis
Swetha Regunathan
Oskar Pimlott
Andréa Schmidt
Maira Khwaja, Invisible Institute
Aber Kawas, Impact Producer, An Act of Worship
Levan Akin, Slutfas AB
Madelaine Russo
Laura Wagner
StormMiguel Florez
Sami Khan
Priya Panchalingam
Jeremy Flood
Amrita Singh
Kristen Kim
Adam Katzman
Liam O’Hare, Producer/Director
Graham L. Carter, Several Futures
Andrew Robert Infante
Alice Henty, Maylo Films
Jodie Evans
Miles Warren
Sriya Sarkar
Zoe garcia Miranda
Katie Gorson, The Media Factory
Casey AJ
Noel Keserwany
Brighid Greene, Everything You Have Is Yours
Alisha Tejpal
Kasturi Basu, People's Film Collective
Divya Cowasji
Irene Dhar Malik
Ewan Waddell
Gabby Follett Sumney, Penn State University
Chase Joynt
Anita Gou
Alannah J Campion
Tula Goenka, Professor & Filmmaker, Syracuse University
Urvashi Pathania
Inès Yildiz
Matt McDonough
Manny Lage, Film at Lincoln Center
Jim Batt
Christina D. Bartson
Will Steer
Eleanor Mortimer
Mike Crane
Alifya Ali
Mariales Diaz
Toral Dixit
M. Asli Dukan
Dr Jules O’Dwyer, University of Cambridge
Dylan Kaplowitz, Grip Dept
Isadora Johnson
Graham Mason
Laura X Moya Guerrero, What the Pier Gave Us
Jen Elias
Sara Balghonaim
Hümeyra Çelik
Blair Foster
Farah Alimi
Usayd, black & brown films
Salomé Jashi
Sabir Pirzada
Sarah Agha, The Arab Film Club
Helga Tawil-Souri, NYU
Liz Lian
Tam Dean Burn
Jih-E Peng
Mackenzie Jamieson
Aaditya Aggarwal, CFMDC
Zack Shorrosh
Riham Ezzaldeen, What Took You So Long?
Maya, cinema worker
Carlos A. F. Lopez, Proper Etiquette Pictures
dave paige
Brigid O’Shea
Mae Ryan
Máirín de Buitléir
Clay Lorant
Lucy Parker, filmmaker
Miriam Bale
Jody Wilson
Leslye Davis
Casey Wong
Khalid Riley
Carly Usdin
Tyler Wilson, Film at Lincoln Center
Hana Silvia Elias
A. S. Hamrah, Critic
Saleem Nasir Gondal
Corina Copp
Sharlene Bamboat
Eric Arthur Fernandez
Elise McCave, Producer
Caitlin Mae Burke
Charlie Phillips
Edward Frumkin
Asmahan Bkerat
Angélica Vielma
Sofian Khan, Capital K Pictures
Hannah Bush Bailey, Doc Society
Mila Aung-Thwin, EyesteelFilm
Alina Rancier
Razi Jafri
Rajal Pitroda
Emma Francis-Snyder, Takeover
Ted Passon, All Ages Productions
Stefani Saintonge
Sara Archambault, Arch + Bow Films
Jolene Pinder
Soheil Rezayazdi
Joe Brewster
PJ Raval
Jamie Gonçalves
Maya Cueva
Attica Dakhil, Writer
Matt Cowal
Dora Kel
Rachel Lears
Kaela McVicker
Judy Kibinge, Docubox
Jessica Tang
Sharon Weaver
Maja cule
Surbhi Dewan
Tshay Williams, Tell Me When You Get Home
Solanki Chakraborty, Filmmaker
Jason Ryle
Peter Nauffts
Iman Bundu
Colin Buckingham, Chromatic Lens LLX
marcela oñate trules
Mariana F
Anita Rocha da Silveira
Gem McHafgey
McKenzie Chinn
Mila Matveeva
Gabi Grossman
Shan Shaikh
Brett Baldridge
Conor Williams, Critic, Cinema Worker at BAM
Rosabell Laurenti Sellers
Jessica Dunn Rovinelli
Dana Reinoos
Ryan McGlade
Hannah Keohane
C. G.
Emmeline Wilks-Dupoise
Matthew Sosa
Tarek Shoukri
Tiffany Wang, Maysles Documentary Center
Adeel Ahmed
Jillian Bergman
Noah Schamus
Sam LaBella
Danielle Varga
Lisa Marie Malloy
Isabelle Hong Martin
Loulwa Khoury
Hata Takeshi
David Rodríguez Estrada, El Tesoro
Livia Huang
Lela Meadow-Conner, mamafilm
Hayat Aljowaily
Rosemarie Lerner, Lucida Media
Hannah Piper Burns
Julie Gaynin
Abdallah Dnewar
Kristina Motwani, Editor
Chrissy Griesmer
Ayan Tani
Ben Balcom, University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee
Ethan Fudge
Arianne Ayu Alizio
Sheila Houlahan
Grace Ibrahim, Independent
Nick Newman
Arielle de Saint Phalle
Carmen Thompson
Kazembe Balagun
Bryana Newton
Alix Diaconis
Caryn Coleman, The FOFIF
Tina Quach
Charlotte Procter
Jack Sullivan
Emilia Beatriz
Sydney Buchan
Andres Zuñiga, UNF
Celeste Wong
Ryan Martin Brown
Girish Shambu
Andrea, La Lucha
Alex Hennessey, IATSE 873
Charles de Agustin
layla benali
Isaiah Fernandez
Maya Cade
Zach Prewitt
Amandla Baraka
Steph Ching
Noujaïm Valentin, Filmmaker
Stephanie Monohan
Kris King
Kathy Del Beccaro
Claudia Sicondolfo
Sadie Moon, Prop Master
Sam TFfel, University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee
Noor Gharzeddine
Isabel Custodio
Engie Hassan
Ryan Swen
Amber Bemak
Diriye Hassan
Camaro West, Peace is Loud
Hakeem Khaaliq, Comin' Up Short
Yasir Masood
Tara Aliya Kesavan
Anders Emblem
Liam Kenny, Brooklyn Academy of Music
j. michael eugenio, solidarity cinema
Annalise Ophelian, What Do We Want Films
Mirko Simoni
Máte Vargas
Kit Duckworth
helen peña, third horizon
Juliano Dornelles
Richard Watson, Flux video
Mimi Wilcox
Dahee Kim
Brandon Yadegari Moreno, Family Pictures
Kat Schulze, Sundance Institute
Ruthie Marantz
Eric Marsh
Joel Clark, Nothing Pictures
Habib Yazdi
Mike McCahill
Alex Reynolds
Nik Velimirovic
Ren Scateni
Tyra Forbes
Sarah Khan
Mustafa Uzuner
Nancy Ma
Nora Wilkinson
Chris Cassingham
Nellie Killian
Maddox-Julien Slide, E is For
Hannah Choe
Maria Judice, Indigo Impact /Elephant
Tiffany Sia
Brydie O'Connor
Andrew Chan
Elisa González
Omar Gabriel
Gavin Briscoe
Louis Brehony, Kofia: A Revolution Through Music
Kemi Layeni
Almudena Escobar López
Jonas Chadarevian, São Paulo International Film Festival
Andrew Castillo, Columbia University Film Program
Edward McCarry, Cinema Guild
Cristiane Passafaro Guzzi, São Paulo Internacional Film Festival
Lev Kalman, Special Affects Films
Robert Schneider, The Film-Makers’s Cooperative
Tony Clemente Jr, Freelance
Abyn Reabe, Spectacle Theater
Mariana Santos Silva
Amalia, Working Films
Julia Gunnison
William Plotnick, Cinelimite
Claire Demere
Sylvie Shamlian
Allison Rodgers
Anthony Banua-Simon
Nayab Hussain
Roula nassar
Brooke Obie
Kausar Mohammed
A Cohen
Pedro Hollanda
Renata de Almeida, São Paulo International Film Festival
Sarah Elnawasrah
Henry Hanson
Mahmoud Ahmed, Gazan Tales
Francisco Marujo, Walla Collective
Susana Canales Barrón
Inés Vogelfang
Sandy Ismail
Christopher Bell
Shannon Walsh
Kellen Quinn
Edgar Jorge Baralt
Gia Rigoli, Discordia
Shayna Maci Warner
Linnea Nugent
Annie Nisenson
Ryah Aqel
kayo gorden
Emerson Goo
Ana A Alpizar
Rachel Mills
Sarah Enid Hagey
Michael Glover Smith
Erin Casper
Saagar Shaikh
Ida Yazdi
Natasha Waters
Jason Evans
emma thatcher, Provo
Ashley Lin, Mu Films
Carl Axel Eduard
Sophie Cavoulacos
Sam Rosenberg
Ahmed Fouad Ragab
Alex Ateah
Andrea Zimmerman
Eddie Martinez
Lauand Omar, Deebo Films
Jordy Brazo
Draye Wilson
Aylin Gökmen, Ever since, I have been flying
Thomas Beard
Shrihari Sathe
Victoria Cheyenne
Katelyn Rebelo
Erika Cohn
Laila Issa
Isra Al Kassi, T A P E Collective
Nessma Moussari
Jordi Wijnalda, International Coalition for Filmmakers at Risk
A. Prasad
Ibrahim Issa
Catarina Simoes, Gato Aleatório collective
Dominic Yarabe
Aïdah Aliyah Rasheed
Amanda Lundquist
Tony Nguyen, Spacy
Amir George
nirah shirazipour, eyesinfinite films
Jp Diaz
Saif Jaan
Dustin Chang
Brendan Boyle
Wynton Wong
Elias Acevedo
Kyle Baker, Mimetic Films
michella rivera
Marya E. Gates
M. Rochford
Viviane Saglier, University of St Andrews
Andy Hoffman, Freelance DoP
Ed Halter, Light Industry
Elspeth Carroll
Ham Cockett
Kylie Pletcher
Kat Vivaldi
Gabrielle Garcia Steib
Rahme Veziroglu
Christopher O'Sullivan
Thien Dinh
Jin Yoo-Kim
Jordan Stossel, Local 80 Grip
Carthy Ngo, Coconut
Alessandra El Chanti
Jorge Cotte
Steve Rickinson, Modern Times Review Documentary Magazine
Jessica Bardsley
Cathy Lee Crane
Beny Wagner
Samuel Rubin, *Entertainment + *Culture Pavilion
Daniel Froidevaux
Cauê Dias Baptista, Mostra Internacional de Cinema em São Paulo / Pena Capita
Charlotte Frankel
Grant Meuers
Alexane Nylon
Tyler Cino Maradiaga
Johanna Xue
Jacqueline Kerr
Tam Sackman, Anomaly Artist Management
Alexandra Renzo
Anuradha Srikanth, WME
Joanna Raczynska
Gabriela Ortega
Mohamad Saleh, Mr Sebs
Jack Hermann
James Presson
Line Langebek
Stephen Fisk, Screen Slate SF Bay
Ben Grossman
Alia Ardon
Jason R.A. Foster
Bryce Renninger
Nolan Rabine, Mudville Podcast
Bilgesu Sisman
Rabi Dadi
Erikx DiSantis, Select Company Pictures
Igor Myakotin
Kristie Chua
Matheus Monteiro, A Canção que Dediquei A Você
Rime Mahdi
Patrizia Roletti
Alex Bijan Zandi
Brandon Harris, I'd Watch That
Shae Smith
Nancy Tran
Jonathan Howell, Big World Pictures
Stanya Kahn
Trisha Bhattacharya
Lamis Souliman, Clermont Ferrand for short films
Jason Todd
Stefano Canavese
Isabel Weinberg, Industry Plant
Alisha Bhowmik
Dina Najjar, TN Productions
Zebedee Parkes, Short documentaries: For my Friends in Detention and A Radical Hope
Austin Tolin
Dan Jenkins
Ryan Porter
Tristan Daley
Sarah R Drepaul
Jake Brenner
Devon Narine-Singh
Alice Quinlan
Madeline Weinstein
Leon Hinata
Nicolas Umpierrez, 8 Ball Television
Paola lambertin
Sephora Shebabo
Guilherme De Lucca, Sealab Filmes
Matilda Hague
Shaka King
Will Lennon
James Watson
Ashley Clark
Macarena Aguiló, Artistas por Palestina (Chile)
Sandra Garcia
Qasim Basir, A Boy. A Girl. A Dream. & To Live and Die and Live
craig scheihing, mono no aware
Pisie Hochheim
Ara Chawdhury, Panumduman Pictures
Manuela Thayer, Artistas por palestina
Ling Yu Yan
Zam Zam, The Gym
Melissa Friedling
Ayanna Dozier
Taylor Hunsberger
Travis Wilkerson
Jon Rafael Birondo
Harriette Logan
Eric Allen Hatch
Samia Badih
Sapana Sakya
JoJo Leak, *Moonbeam *Entertainment
Sarah Deaner
Zac Manuel
Joshua Leak, Art Explosion United
Nicole Romero
Courtney Staton
Haley Kleine
Joe Peeler
Justin Clifford Rhody, No Name Cinema
Nick Rooney
Sasha Wortzel
Graeme Arnfield
Li Anne Liew
Jade Felippe
Robert K. Hardesty
Lauren To’omalatai
Laila Al-Arian
Estelle Hansen
Rood J. Meliscat
Sarah Mowaswes
Aiman Mimiko
Gabriela Ruvalcaba
Noor Attalla
Annie Reznik
Carla, Stori
Ж, Co.lab Colirio laboratório / .txt texto de cinema
Kai Tomizawa
Mizuki Toriya
Kristine Gerolaga
Sara MacLean
Amy Zapien, La Conjunta- on YouTube
Katie Skelly, Film at Lincoln Center
Ambar Tavarez
S Rodriguez
Patrick Wei
Herb Shellenberger, Lehigh Valley Cinema Club
Tee Park
Bren Manard
Klaus Benevenuto
Kayla Sotomil
Deneice O’Connor
Gabriela Díaz Arp
Adrienne Row - Smith
Natalie Bonanno
Chirag Matta
Bri’anna Moore
Ashley Roberts
Quinn Fleck
Eric Schuman
Jesse Rudoy
Dajanaé Cole
Aisling Chin-Yee
Nina Blass
Pedro Santos
Andy Rector, KINO SLANG
Nimco Sheikhaden
Owen Scott Taylor, Super Villain Inter-Galactic
Velvet Oliveras
Jaelyn Ellis
Amada Torruella
Sultana Isham, Sundance Institute
Dylan Soy Pasture
Dee Iskrzynska
Rachel Summers
Randall Snare
Chelsea Hernandez, Film Director & Producer
Dale Chung
Sam Drake
Meg Metzger
Sophie Luo
Felix Kalmenson
Nicholas Gamso
Eileen Meyer
Cassidy Dimon, Full Spectrum Features
Sara Lafleur-Vetter
Marc Lesser, IATSE
Bruklyn Miller
katherine filaseta
Julius Greenwood
Christine Giordano
David Osubronie
Karolina Volkova
Alex Sherman
Sarah Louise Moyer
Gavati Wad
Andy Simionas
Sophie Jarvis
Jourdain Searles
Diego Borges Silva, Ukulele Filmes
Keith Wilson
Jed Rapfogel, Anthology Film Archives
Hussein Rashid
Liz Vazquez
Hannes Johansson, Focus Puller
Kaitlin Fontana

Greg Nussen
Nazra, Palestine short film festival
Mimi Brody
Chisato Hughes, Many Moons
Jordan Caroompas, Mono no Aware
Dan Carr
Danilo Cordani
Kayla Fragman
Zev Deans
Udval Altangerel
Khaula Kai
Erin Johnson, Film and Video Department, Maryland Institute College of Art
Suad Bushnaq
Jo Stobbs
Alisa May Geiser
Lucy Walker
Hayley Krey
Alexis Allen
Devin Adjei
Emma Calderon
Oswaldo Gil
Darshini Nataraj
Samantha Heth, Freelance festival producer
Rachel Hawatmeh
Jasmine Luoma
Kristan Sprague
Sarah Mokh
Hanna Edizel
Juliana Toloza Serna
Amila Cirkinagic
Ivana Kvesic
Cambria Matlow, Why Dig When You Can Pluck
Mu-Shaka Benson
Tijana Petrovic
Tiffany Rekem
Hoda Sobhani
Krystalle Cronin, Film Forum
Raúl O. Paz-Pastrana
India King Robins
Riley Andreu
Jamie Hager
Meri, Acs
Keisha J.
Em Halladay Ptacek Choi, Seattle Asian American Film Festival
Alejandro J Flores
Sinai Lopez
Shetu Modi
Charlotte Glynn
Otto Mertins
Isabella Presnal
Danny King
Em Chan
Eric Epstein
Amil Shivji, Kijiweni Productions
Brittany kaplan
Ryan De Franco
Thomas Reyes
Robert Ouyang Rusli
Jordan Elliott Prosser
Tulapop Saenjaroen
Cristina Cacioppo
Natalia Ciepiel
Tristan T. Pollack
Kelly Gardella
Shahbaz Khan
Jordan Strafer
Ines Farag
Saul Sanchez
Kristal Sotomayor
Caylin McGlynn
Bosco da Costa
Desiree Wallace
Alex Megaro
Elise Schierbeek
Ammaarah Jalal
Hiyam Abousaid, CINEPACT
Jessi Gutch
Cynthia Lin
Steven Turco
Giovanni Marchini Camia
Anam abbas, Other memory media
Tamana Ayazi
Rhowana Alleyne
Rama Thiaw, Boul Fallé Images
Elsa Groener
Nia Childs
Valerie Massadian
Andrea Torres
Adrian Garcia Gomez
Mania Akbari, Filmmaker artist
Cory Fraiman-Lott
Jody Nolan
Zeina Azouqah / Zazuka
Jennifer Atalla
ismaël, Utopia Films
Julia Montoya, Monstrua Entertainment
Chraibi Saâd
Jacob Krzysztof Glogowski
Manon Euler
Giulia Di Pietro
Dea Gjinovci, Astrae Productions
Michael T Workman
Lyntoria Newton
Timothy Farrell, DGA
Signe Kaufmann
Aura Satz

Indya Moore
Asif Kapadia
Meriem Bennani
Molly Crabapple
Boots Riley, Sorry To Bother You, I'm A Virgo
Mati Diop
Kleber Mendonça Filho, CInemaScopio
Rowan Blanchard
Alia Shawkat
Sebastian Silva, Human race
Deborah Stratman
Astra Taylor
Saul Williams, SWAN FILMS
Kendrick Sampson
Basma al-Sharif
Khaled Jarrar
nan goldin
Ra'anan Alexandrowicz
Guy Davidi
Blair McClendon, Union
Jess Devaney, Multitude Films
Yvette Alberdingk Thijm, Former Executive Director, WITNESS.org
Sophia Nahli Allison
Lana Wilson
Maya Tippett, Eno
Maya Daisy Hawke
Julian Brave Noisecat
Joslyn Barnes
Charlotte Cook
Burhan Qurbani
Anouk De Clercq
Durga Chew-Bose
Maori Karmael Holmes
Talal Jabari
Rabab Haj Yahya
Naziha Arebi
Elhum Shakerifar
Sweta Vohra, Multitude Films
Paula Gonzalez-Nasser, Multitude Films
Colleen Cassingham, Multitude Films
Gordon Landenberger, Stress Positions
Grace Lee, Asian American Documentary Network
Petra Costa
Morgan Hulquist, Multitude Films
Sasha Perry
Ciarán Maginn, Screamer
Kamau Bilal
Erin Turney, Bearfish Productions
Bianca Beyrouti
Nadia Saah
Aiko Masubuchi
Amanda Naseem
Fatimah Asghar
Iman Zawahry, ISF
Inney Prakash, Prismatic Ground
Saeed Taji Farouky
Samia Khan-Bambrah, Railbed Productions
Suneil Sanzgiri
Devika Girish, Film at Lincoln Center
Michael Lieberman
Bhawin Suchak
Chloe Walters Wallace
Violeta Ayala
Josh Begley
Ege Elbir
Shakira Evans, Field of Vision
Flávia de Souza
Musa Syeed
Leah Galant, Meerkat Media
Damon Davis
Ximena Amescua Cuenca
Sarah Choi
Zeshawn Ali
Chloé Trayner
Maxyne Franklin
Iyabo Boyd
Sarah Erwin, Points North Institute / Camden International Film Festival
Cam Howard, Points North/Camden International Film Festival
Mia Cioffi Henry
Sonya Childress
Kristi Jacobson
Pop Culture Collaborative
Vadim Rizov, Filmmaker Magazine
Emily Rose Apter, Maysles Documentary Center
Mara Henderson, Working Films
Ursula Liang
Brit Fryer
Sahar Driver
Kareem Estefan, Centre for Film and Screen Studies, University of Cambridge
Sophie Brown
Nico Opper
Reid Davenport
Samina Saifee
Ro Haber
Alix Blair, Helen and the Bear
Leah Dyjak
Diana Cadavid
Stephanie Andreou
Flor Tejada
Kelly Creedon, Documentary film editor
M'Daya Meliani
Nicolas Borel
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ناچي إسماعيل
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Kate Elora Rogers
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Film critic
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pablo alvarez, screening rights
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amritha vaz
Carmen Escobar Robinson
宮里 俊太郎
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Jennifer Cassidy
Spring Super, IATSE Local 798

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tchaiko, nomadic fairy inc.
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ايهاب جادالله
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The Vessel
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Em Joseph, EcoRove, 'Where Can We Be Found?' (2023)
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Lee Pretious
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Parraud emmanuel
Kirana Rafli, "I Don’t Know Shit!” (2023)
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Nicole T
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Greta Hedley
Leah Demers
Emilee Nimetz
Jolke Van Aerde
J. Soliman, RepCinema
Brandon Spivey, Class and Culture Films./ Crass The Sound of Free Speech
Kat Goodwin, Film Workers standing for Gaza
Emma Steurs
Daniel Verhoeven
Esperanza Collado, Facultad Bellas Artes Cuenca
Dieter Diependaele
Tamara Choi
Parham Rahimzadeh, Last Shot
Mirwais Sarwary, Off Frame Films
Jan Baeyens
Maegan Broadhurst
Sienna Axe, Seattle International Film Festival
Lindsay Jenner
anneloor van heemstra, Director
Esha, Unifor Nabet 700, Directors Guild of Canada, IATSE
Julie Asenova
Olive Song
Melanie Silva
Shareef Snuggs, There, There Films
Ted Grindei
Mark Hamer
Ahmed Seedat
D.A. Bullock
Loud Emma, Artistisinn Productions
Kathy Wazana
Rishka Girie
Gary Stewart, Dubmorphology
Kavery Kaul
Anastasia Campion
Kiara Diana, LvzyKat Media / Filled With Magic Productions
Elliott Elliott, AQTIS 514 IATSE
José, Aura Impronta
Apostolos Nikolaidis
Joey Wilkinson, Rank-and-file member IATSE L479


Filmmaker Statement Resources

We echo the call put out by the Palestine Film Institute for filmmakers to use their platforms during Q&As, talks, and panels to read statements highlighting the Palestinian struggle.We encourage filmmakers to share personalized statements, or to draw from the statements and quotes below.

Excerpt from the FWP Statement of Solidarity

In our capacity as filmmakers, curators, film critics, and other workers essential to the international film industry, we stand for an end to genocide, apartheid, and repression, and we stand for the liberation of all people. We are aware that one day our community will create and champion films documenting this horrific genocide, yet many stay silent now, while we still have the chance to save lives. Our industry cannot continue with business as usual. We must do more than watch; we must act with conscience and continue to insist that Palestinian lives are equal to all others. We will not be complicit with anyone who acts otherwise.

Excerpt from a social media post by Motaz Azaiza,
Gaza photographer and journalist

Don’t call yourself a free person
if you can’t make changes
if you can’t stop a genocide
that is still ongoing.

Excerpt from a speech by Mohammed El Kurd,
Palestinian poet and journalist

History invites moral clarity. When we reflect on history's most horrible, inhumane atrocities, we think of them with so much moral clarity. We tend to forget that when such atrocities were happening they were perfectly legal. At the time, they were all once controversial, contested. They were too complex. We all think that had it been us there, at that point of time, we would have been at the right side of history. But we have that opportunity now. The question of Palestine cannot be resolved but with a free Palestine.

If I Must Die, poem by Refaat Alareer,
who was killed by an Israeli airstrike in December

If I must die,
you must live
to tell my story
to sell my things
to buy a piece of cloth
and some strings,
(make it white with a
long tail)
so that a child,
somewhere in Gaza
while looking heaven
in the eye
awaiting his dad who
left in a blaze —
and bid no one
not even to his flesh
not even to himself —
sees the kite, my kite
you made, flying up
and thinks for a
moment an angel is
bringing back love.
If I must die
let it bring hope,
let it be a tale.

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